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  • adj. Not luxurious.


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un- +‎ luxurious


  • Held at the appropriately practical, but unluxurious (not what many are used to or expect) re-branded Gold Coast resort (formerly a Club Med) at legendary Marathon, outside Athens, this year's Stream 11 attracted more than 300 participants, almost equally drawn from WPP clients, media owners new and old, and WPP agencies.

    Sir Martin Sorrell: WPP's Stream's Got Talent

  • Disposing of my spent paper towel, I return to grab my tap water-filled Evian bottle and my decidedly unluxurious Club Med towel, turning to face my audience as I do so.


  • His ideal is the old narrow Roman republican ideal of a chaste, vigorous, and unluxurious life, wherein publicity is for man alone, while woman is confined to the cares of the family and the household; the ideal of a society wholly Italian and free-born, untainted by the importations of

    Post-Augustan Poetry From Seneca to Juvenal

  • And he exemplifies every motion and the whole pilgrim's progress of physical love, with a deliberate, triumphant, unluxurious explicitness which 'leaves no doubt,' as we say 'of his intentions,' and can be no more than referred to passingly in modern pages.

    Figures of Several Centuries

  • The house itself, though in perfectly good taste, was decidedly plain; the furniture belonged to a severe and unluxurious date.

    Robin Redbreast A Story for Girls

  • However, old Sir Guy's arm-chair was never used by his grandson; Markham might sit there, and Bustle did sometimes, but Guy always used one of the unpretending, unluxurious chairs, which were the staple of the room.

    The Heir of Redclyffe

  • Why, oh why did you banish from my mind that sweet idea of a charming cottage by the sea, and all its little unluxurious elegancies, and call up in its place the h-h-horrors of that village-nest -- pig-sty -- of the dreadful buccaneers?

    Under the Waves Diving in Deep Waters

  • Then entering and seating himself on a chair, he took some minutes to recover speech, rolling his eyes staringly round the meagre, unluxurious room, and then concentrating their gaze upon its occupier.

    The Parisians — Volume 03

  • We negotiated our way through the paperwork at the airport and then boarded a very unluxurious bus bound for the harbour. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • We should never forget the mayor's heroic service to America, sitting in an unluxurious hotel room for 72 hours when he didn't have the swine flu or anything.

    NBC Los Angeles - News Top Stories


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