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  • adj. Not mailed.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ mailed


  • Three hundred letters, clicked out on the busy typewriters (appeals for assistance, for sanctions from the organized labor groups, requests for square news deals to the editors of newspapers, protests against the high-handed treatment of revolutionists by the United States courts), lay unmailed, awaiting postage.

    The Mexican

  • In the post office at San Blas, an unmailed postcard is tacked to the wall.

    Going South - Mexico Of The 1980's

  • A small gold crucifix on a chain; a couple of unmailed letters on flowery stationery, addressed to a PO box in Cranfills Gap, Texas; a pink baby rattle, broken and crusted with age; a key chain from a car dealership in Wheeling, West Virginia.

    The Mesa Conspiracy

  • He wrote a savage letter to Jones that went unmailed, and fulminated to Goodman that the man was “a penny-worshipping humbug & shuffler.”

    Mark Twain

  • The unmailed answers that were to accompany this introduction were plentiful enough and generally of a fervent sort.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • Clemens seldom answered an unwarranted letter; but at one time he began a series of unmailed answers — that is to say, answers in which he had let himself go merely to relieve his feelings and to restore his spiritual balance.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • On my desk sit a dozen other letters, folded, sealed, addressed, stamped…and unmailed.

    A Burning in Homeland

  • She put the packet of unmailed letters down and folded her hands in her lap again and smiled at me, and for a moment her eyes sparkled, and I caught the faintest peek of the old Miss Mavis, more sparkly and alive than most people are, and all of a sudden there seemed to be less air in the room and I was working hard just to breathe.

    A Burning in Homeland

  • It turns out Doyle has written Miss Lonelyhearts a letter, unmailed, but now taken out of his pocket.

    Funny as a Crutch

  • Brother has our anniversary card, my b-day card, and a card for eldest son's b-day sitting there unmailed.

    grouse Diary Entry


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