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  • adj. Not majestic.


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un- +‎ majestic


  • The maddest of existentialists, one of the great surrealists of our time, the king of all he sees, Ali had never before appeared so vulnerable and fragile, so pitiably unmajestic, so far from the universe he claims as his alone.

    Jan Herman: Writers on Fighters

  • In the second half of the twentieth century, that geography came to serve as backdrop to the unmajestic, ignoble life in the valleys and foothills, where low-rise, makeshift, ad hoc settlements stand in plain view of the snowcaps and forest, mockingly diminished by their spectacular surrounding nature.

    Metronatural America

  • The little train-bearers were especially difficult to manage, owing to their constantly wanting to speak to one or other of their companions in the rear, which inclination occasioned their majesties several unmajestic jerks from behind, and, of course, called forth a sharp reprimand from the majesty so pulled; the only effect of which was a vast deal of giggling amongst the little girls, and the making of droll faces by the little boys.

    The Girl's Own Paper, Vol. VIII, No. 357, October 30, 1886

  • The features of Louis XVI. were noble enough, though somewhat melancholy in expression; his walk was heavy and unmajestic; his person greatly neglected; his hair, whatever might be the skill of his hairdresser, was soon in disorder.

    Court Memoirs of France Series — Complete

  • She has not a bad face, but there is something so extremely unmajestic in her little diminutive figure, as to render her in comparison with the elegant height of Matilda and Myself, an insignificant Dwarf.

    Love And Freindship

  • When a bishop has insulted him, he replies with an insinuation that the bishop obtained his preferment by fraud and misrepresentation, [153] and jeers at him for having begun life as a nobleman's Private Tutor, called by the “endearing but unmajestic name of Dick.”

    Sydney Smith

  • His rotund paunch lifted the bedclothes, upon which, for the sake of extra warmth, he had spread unmajestic garments.

    The Old Wives' Tale

  • The indifference of the Duchess of Kent to the heavy pomps and heavier gayeties of his Court so offended his unmajestic Majesty, that he finally became decidedly inimical to the Duchess.

    Queen Victoria Her Girlhood And Womanhood

  • In the full august assembly, Nero discovered enthroned, not unmajestic in deportment, yet effeminately chapleted, and holding a lyre: suppose him just returned from Elis, a pancratist, the world's acknowledged champion.

    The Complete Prose Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper

  • The first time I heard of the unmajestic gift to The Queen of England, I thought it must be an April Fools prank news story.

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