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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of unman.


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  •   One who wants can give and give and give — yet we seek that one soft word, one telling glance, from the one who withholds or unmans us from our strapping selfhood, whose neglect spurs such ranges of self-hatred or love.

    The August Heartbreak Suite of Sorrow's Poems

  • Because for the first time since earliest childhood, pain and fear burned together within me, and I felt what common men feel that so unmans them on the battlefield, that makes them fodder for a Mueller's hungry sword.


  • So I sat down, and put myself right with a brandy; mention of Bismarck always unmans me, but the fact was I was curious, not least about the delectable Mamselle Caprice.


  • But I think the unarticulated fear is that Google has forced the pace of change in a way that unmans them.

    The Hapless Seed

  • The always vicious Steve Gilliard unmans a Freeper trackback artist who dared to take him on in his New Yorker bile-risen blasting of scam artist and homefront apologist Karl Rove (still employed by our President after disgracing his nation in so public a manner).

    Tom Watson: The Sunday Papers

  • The cystoscopy that unmans him, the “little surprise” that Peter Romain receives from his doctor “to get the inside story on you,” is a test to measure the health of the urethra and bladder.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Their strength he withers, and unmans their souls.

    The Iliad of Homer

  • The idea of “his” woman not being completely on his side unmans him.

    Why Men Won’t Commit

  • Gemma knew that nothing unmans the vast bulk of a security guard better than a sweet girl with a disabled brother, and she had worked her passage well.

    High Society

  • The question presented is . . . can you kill me . . . before the lowborn unmans the highborn.

    Sir Apropos of Nothing


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