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  • adj. Not masculine; effeminate or feminine.

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  • Not masculine or manly.


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un- +‎ masculine


  • "The Improvisatore," upon which, next to "The Wonder-Tales," his fame rests, is a kind of disguised autobiography which exhibits the author's morbid sensibility and what I should call the unmasculine character of his mind, [19] To appeal to the reader's pity in your hero's behalf is a daring experiment, and it cannot, except in brief scenes, be successful.

    Essays on Scandinavian Literature

  • It is worth noting that a large number of Tuominen's prototypes were men: mostly unusual, 'unmasculine' men like Kafka, Proust, Rilke or Hölderlin.

    Mirjam Tuominen - 6

  • It was, LeVay acknowledges, the perfect Freudian recipe for homosexuality-only he was convinced Freud had cause and effect backward: hostile fathers didn't make sons gay; fathers turned hostile because the sons were "unmasculine" to begin with.

    Born Or Bred?

  • They found that the organization of sports stifled the inherent joy of the athletic experience, encouraged violence, hatred for the opposition and sexism, and discouraged intellectual and creative pursuits which were deemed "unmasculine" and antagonistic to their development as athletes.

    Corrupt Sports: An Exchange

  • "Teddy, whose relentlessly logical patter utterly fulfills his observation that 'I lack the internal editing function most people take for granted,' is the anti-Spenser - unmasculine, weak, klutzy and hilariously garrulous."

    The Highly Effective Detective Plays the Fool by Richard Yancey: Book summary

  • Pollack said many fathers are torn over gender-role issues, supporting the concept of less rigid stereotypes yet worried that their sons might be ostracized if they partake in activities viewed by their peers as unmasculine: We still socialize boys to follow their more aggressive side rather than their more thoughtful and caring side.

    Gender stereotypes easing more for girls than boys

  • When Bush's campaign operatives tarnished Al Gore and then John Kerry as inauthentic, this was code for unmasculine and weak, characterizations that, unfortunately, got some traction in both cases.

    Aaron Belkin: Mr. President: Depict Romney as the Extremist He Claims to Be

  • Some of these “conservative” gay bashers should be fitted for bras, given their own very unmasculine bodies and pendulous he-boobies.

    Think Progress » Gates to stop military from discharging gay troops who are outed by ‘third parties or jilted partners.’

  • In Western cultures, men are often denied their own expression of beauty because it is perceived as unmasculine.

    Wild Feminine

  • According to Eshun: "He's managed to stretch the aesthetic bounds of hip-hop by bringing in some of that unmasculine high fashion."

    Kanye West: Mister Perfection is stylishly reinventing the rules of rap


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