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  • adj. Not matted.


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un- +‎ matted


  • VENUS IN FURS is available from Xploited Cinema in two different editions: the preferable 16:9 Shameless Screen Entertainment PAL Region 0 import for $24.95 (82m 3s -- trimmed of roughly 55s of a red-tinted scene by the BBFC), and the fullscreen IVC's Japanese NTSC Region 2 import (83m 26s, unmatted fullscreen and reportedly uncut, but if so from the wrong projection speed, with one instance of optical fogging) for $39.95.

    Archive 2008-08-10

  • In the course of viewing, I noticed a couple of glaring camera gaffes that turn the old "boom mike" shots we used to see in unmatted VHS releases topsy-turvy; 24 ushers in a new era of unmatted widescreen transfers that expose area not meant to be seen in the periphery of the image.

    Archive 2008-05-18

  • This original cassette release was unmatted, as was the subsequent LaserDisc release, which some consider preferable to the widescreen framing that was used for the film's subsequent appearance on DVD.

    Archive 2007-04-22

  • I think it's also obvious that the two presentations were imported from different elements; the Lions Gate disc is unmatted and exposes more top-and-bottom information, while the Monsters HD version reveals more information on the sides.

    Archive 2006-01-08

  • I asked the woman working there if she had any unframed/unmatted prints, and she hunted around in filing cabinets until she found them, ten or so loose prints, all of which were different from the ones in the frames, none of which duplicated.

    phil speaks

  • Unfortunately, the laserdisc is hardly definitive because its unmatted standard ratio framing dilutes the intended impact of 1.85:1 framing, which is dead perfect on the DVD, and the picture is often occluded with Japanese subtitles.

    Dracula D.V.D. 2005

  • There is an outer temple, unmatted, and an inner one behind a grating, into which those who choose to pay for the privilege of praying in comparative privacy, or of having prayers said for them by the priests, can pass.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • It climbed unmatted ten feet - from the water's edge before the first palm trees appeared.

    The Time of the Transference

  • And her hair was longer than she had thought, for, clean and unmatted, it fell to her waist - when it did not cling to her hands.


  • There was no other adornment in the building, -- the walls remained bare, the floor unmatted, the seats uncushioned.

    The Master-Christian


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