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  • adj. Lacking ability or skill in the use of machinery and tools.

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  • adj. Not mechanical.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not mechanical.
  • Not in accordance with the observed laws or principles of mechanics, physics, or mathematics, conformity to which is necessary to success.
  • Not in accordance with practical experience in mechanical matters as respects convenient or continuous operation in practice.
  • Not designed in accordance with the methods or practice of the shop or factory which produces a successful commercial product.

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  • adj. (of a person) lacking mechanical skills


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ mechanical


  • a machine -- a machine utterly unmechanical, which is a contradiction of terms.

    The Breath of Life

  • I wasn't sure what the problem was and, when he explained it in car lingo, my unmechanical ears couldn't decipher what he was saying.

    Matt Kepnes: Breaking Down in Australia

  • And all other mechanical contrivances should either be properly done, or not be had recourse to at all, for it is a disgraceful and awkward thing to use mechanical means in an unmechanical way.

    On Fractures

  • He felt now that all of his working life had been leading up to this loud freedom, and after a few months he knew that he would not be able to return to pen and paper, to unmechanical solitude.

    The Master

  • Her fingers trembled with an unmechanical disturbance.

    Split Infinity

  • The De elocutione of Demetrius (first century A.D.) continues and extends the Aristotelian tradition of analysis of figures and tropes but again, in an unmechanical way, conveying the spirit as well as the technique.


  • The silence cabinet in which was enclosed the transmitting apparatus, had been forced open, and even the unmechanical

    The Pirate Shark

  • At Bailleul the Skipper had suggested our learning to manage the unmechanical horse.

    Adventures of a Despatch Rider

  • Then follows a little horseplay, and only those who, like myself, regard horses as unmechanical and self-willed instruments of war, know how terrifying a sight and how difficult a task the emboxing of a company's horses can be.

    Adventures of a Despatch Rider

  • Press, Cambridge, Mass., and cut under his immediate direction, with especial insistance upon an unmechanical treatment of serifs, etc.

    Letters and Lettering A Treatise With 200 Examples


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