unmelodramatic love


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  • adj. Not melodramatic.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ melodramatic


  • Yet Devereux was a remarkably unmelodramatic fighting man.

    The Armed Forces Officer Department of the Army Pamphlet 600-2

  • His face was as empty of expression, as unmelodramatic, as that of a jitney driver.

    Free Air

  • The manner of Mr. Palford and also of Mr. Grimby during the deliberately unmelodramatic and carefully connected relation of Captain Palliser's singular story, was that of professional gentlemen who for reasons of good breeding were engaged in restraining outward expression of conviction that they were listening to utter nonsense.

    T. Tembarom

  • "The dullest and most unmelodramatic neighborhood in England has been taking part in a melodrama -- but there has been no villain in it -- only a matter-of-fact young man, working out a queer thing in his own queer, matter-of-fact way."

    T. Tembarom

  • The particular skill she had obtained -- and this is the test of an actress worth remembering -- is the art of acting scenes essentially melodramatic in an unmelodramatic manner.

    Charles Frohman: Manager and Man

  • It's virtues appear so simple - convincing characterisation, unmelodramatic script, careful build-up - that you wonder why they're not more often seen.

    The Guardian World News

  • Rare among Dahl's stories, "Galloping Foxley" ends upon an unexpectedly muted, unmelodramatic note. [

    The Art of Vengeance

  • They said something quite unmelodramatic, and commonplace, such as: "Well, look who's here!" or, "My land!

    Buttered Side Down


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