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  • adv. In an unmentionable way; indescribably, unutterably, unspeakably.


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  • Now, though Captain Riga had not been guilty of any particular outrage against the sailors; yet, by a thousand small meannesses -- such as indirectly causing their allowance of bread and beef to be diminished, without betraying any appearance of having any inclination that way, and without speaking to the sailors on the subject -- by this, and kindred actions, I say, he had contracted the cordial dislike of the whole ship's company; and long since they had bestowed upon him a name unmentionably expressive of their contempt.

    Redburn. His First Voyage

  • Here's a philosophical question which came out of the previous threat about that unmentionably bad animation on the intarweb.

    The 5 books you take to the future

  • And 40 on the front sidepar 34wasnt really awful either, considering the four-putt, the unmentionably sloppy double bogey on five, and the ugly five iron on nine.

    The Italian Summer

  • They looked as if they would like nothing better than to swarm over innocent maidens and do unmentionably horrible things to them.

    The Color of Her Panties

  • He wanted bread in thick slices, piled high with butter, and not this quadruply-and - unmentionably-qualified toast.

    Galactic Patrol

  • Overmore was unmentionably and Mrs. Wix ever so publicly so.

    What Maisie Knew

  • Delaherche had just had an experience with a lodger who had been quartered on him, a captain of cuirassiers, who made a practice of going to bed with his boots on and when he went away left his apartment in an unmentionably filthy condition, when in the last half of September Captain de Gartlauben came to his door one evening when it was raining in torrents.

    The Downfall

  • These extremely moderate stipulations so increased my father's anger, that he asserted, with an unmentionably vulgar oath, his resolution to turn me out of doors if I did not do as he bid me, without daring to hint at any conditions whatsoever.

    A Rogue's Life

  • Bear traps teach the importance of timing early on, and you'll eventually graduate to weighted blocks, gigantic buzz saws, mind control maggots, and other unmentionably nasty obstacles.

    Neoseeker News Feed

  • But Spyro and the newly-redeemed Cynder both subscribe to floaty, imprecise movements that are at once an aforementioned necessity (they are both dragons) as well as an unmentionably temple-throbbing headache.

    Gaming Nexus


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