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  • adj. Not miked; not amplified with a microphone


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un- +‎ miked


  • So this band is on stage with two (2) Marshall JCM 2000 amps, a Trace Elliott bass amp, and a drum kit, which was thankfully unmiked.

    Band Night « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog

  • Recordings give you a flavor but nothing beats being in a room with other human beings, listening to a poet preferably acoustic, unmiked recite.

    Dove's Eye View:

  • I was thinking that, unmiked, all the other singers in the ceremonies combined couldn't come close to matching Hepner's power.


  • They both had really nice voices, even unmiked and untutored.

    shaken & stirred

  • Mr. Felder performs unmiked, which could be unique on Broadway today.

    George, Ira and Mel- Sssh! The Secret Art of 'Second Acting'

  • A singer himself, for the mini-series he lip synched Sinatra's songs, singing live -- but unmiked -- to the records.

    Sinatra The Man Behind the Myth

  • A staple of the series, now in its ninth season, is an unmiked performance.

  • Marley, whose drum kit is unmiked in the rehearsal space, played like he was at a Friday night at Fletcher's, with sweat flying off the skins far enough to reach the couch on the opposite side of the room.


  • (The unmiked actors, the Living Theater's subpar acoustics and the circular stage do not help clarify the dialogue.)

    NYT > Home Page

  • Unless you are playing a stadium unmiked (and does anyone on here honestly?

    All Updates @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com


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