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  • adj. Not minimized.


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un- +‎ minimized


  • Now that is for minimized applications, for every other application you have Expose, using the "Application Windows" mode of Expose, you will see only the active applications unminimized windows with a very large 'thumbnail'.

    Win 7 Vs Mac OS X Leopard: Feature-by-Feature Showdown | Lifehacker Australia

  • According to Rockefeller, in an interview with Intelligence Committee officials, Bolton's acting chief of staff, CIA analyst Frederick Fleitz, said that on at least one occasion Bolton allegedly shared the "unminimized identity information he received from the NSA" with another State Department official.

    Terror Watch: Last-Minute Letter

  • Made tags conform to local application of SGML markup -- unminimized tags, highest division is (div1), all other major changes: etextcenter@virginia. edu.

    The Valley of Fear

  • (Usefull in combination with compiz windows preview.) - Group button actions "compiz scale" and "compiz shift" will now just s elect the window if there are only one unminimized window of a program. Content

  • Furthermore, if the unminimized window is on full-screen, right clicking the hanged tray icon will toggle the full-screen to that window.

    AutoHotkey Community

  • This time, the window will be unminimized, but the tray icon will remain and the default ahk menu will be shown.

    AutoHotkey Community

  • However the result is also a very unmaintainable source-code mess which is why you should keep a separate, unminimized (and heavily commented) version of the original file.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • It's needed because unminimized Outlook 2003 windows gradually increase their memory usage, typically reaching 200 MB.

    AutoHotkey Community

  • * This script does a check every 60 seconds for inactive, unminimized

    AutoHotkey Community

  • Because the Scale plugin displays all the windows currently open and unminimized at a keypress, I can quickly find the window I want visually and select it either with the mouse or with the arrow keys.

    Boycott Novell - Recent changes [en]


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