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  • adj. Not minuted.


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  • As I wrote at the time of the Information Commissioner's original decision a year ago, I think his and since then, the Tribunal's decision in favour of disclosure risks making it open season on Cabinet minutes, in effect destroying the traditional confidentiality of Cabinet discussion and encouraging Prime Ministers to sideline Cabinet and make the real decisions on unminuted, undisclosable sofas instead.

    Jack Straw's veto and the Iraq minutes

  • It would place Mandelson and Deripaska in a totally unminuted meeting in the midst of an investigation that massively affected the Russian's business affairs rather than after its completion.

    Blogsclusive: Tory Boys Never Grow Up Comments

  • This is I fear a recipe for hole-in-the-wall, sofa government, with decisions taken not according to a sensible, recorded procedure, but instead taken in unminuted secret meetings so that the official disclosable record can be kept squeaky clean, with no sign of ministerial doubt or dissent.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • At some unminuted part of a meeting, it was decided that I need help with child development to prevent me having “unrealistic expectations” of my daughter.

    Protecting children from their depressed, working-class parents

  • He has used the minutes of Cabinet meetings, but key conversations in the Admiralty and the garden of No 10 were unminuted. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • However, it would be astonishing if during the course of the unminuted exchanges he did not foreshadow the view of Chase Carey, Sky's chief operating officer, in a telephone call with

    Media news, UK and world media comment and analysis |

  • However, opposition parties said this did not prevent unminuted "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" discussions taking place.



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