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  • v. Present participle of unmix.


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  • Topics in the November issue of GEOLOGY include: a challenge to the use of banded iron formations as markers for the rise of oxygen in the oceans; new model of changes in seawater composition over time; factors in the rise of atmospheric methane; unmixing of magma into immiscible liquids; and evolution of organic molecules on early Earth.

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  • The major swept into the inner office, the door closed, and she returned to unsplitting the general's infinitives and unmixing his metaphors, a job comparable to unscrambling eggs.

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  • The primal stuff contains in itself all beings, as yet undistinguished: from it proceeds step by step the ordered world; by a process of unmixing, first of all by separating out the great elements.


  • Linear unmixing of the spectra was accomplished using the ALS script from the PLS 3.5

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  • The results of KCN and FCCP treatment detected by either linear unmixing of TPEF emission spectra excited at 755 nm (N = 9 fields) or the combined analysis of TPEF images excited at both 755 and 860 nm (N = 42 cells) are shown in

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  • Figure 1B, linear unmixing of the TPEF emission spectra resulted in three component spectra that were consistent with NAD (P) H, lipofuscin and FP.

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  • (B) linear unmixing methods reveal the contributing cellular fluorophores to be NAD (P) H, Lipofuscin and FP.

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  • BSS uses a linear unmixing technique to decompose the input sound mixtures into independent sources.


  • The challenge in using BSS is that its linear unmixing technique requires as many microphones as there are noise sources, and it can suffer from convergence problems in the presence of reverberation when too many simultaneous noise sources are present.


  • Living Image 4.0 features advanced spectral unmixing tools to enhance fluorescent sensitivity and automated 3D image acquisition and analysis providing an anatomical view of disease activity and drug efficacy.



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