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  • adj. Not monetized.


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un- +‎ monetized


  • Currently, there is far too much unmonetized ad inventory online and on the mobile eco-system, and this is dramatically driving down CPM rates making it very difficult for businesses to survive on ad revenue.

    Sramana Mitra: Free Apps, Ad-Supported Business Models are Dangerous!

  • "Until now, the online market in China has been completely unmonetized by the music business."

    Google Begins China Music Service

  • In Canada, the use of alternate terms drops to near zero - leading the all too familiar "unmonetized SERP".


  • The move comes as Google has introduced advertising over the last year to a set of its properties that were previously unmonetized, including Google Finance, Google Image Search, and even its "search suggest function"; the company has also lately emphasized geo - ...

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • Bronman said subscription music services have struggled to date due to quality of service and users 'awareness, but: "There are huge numbers of unmonetized music consumers who will be able to have access to music in large quantity or small quantity for more money or less, depending on the model ... that will be a significant area of the music industry going forward."


  • News is a crap search product, and a loss leader, which is a big reason why Google news was in beta for years, and unmonetized, and why many news-centric searches get no ads next to them.


  • (Link) Never let any potential threat go unmonetized.

    Signs of the Times

  • Consider this: as media companies scramble to identify new and innovative ways to advertise to the sea of nameless, pixeled users who graze through their content each day, a rich supply of highly valuable identity data lies just beneath the surface, left unmeasured and unmonetized.readwriteweb. com

    Open (minds, finds, conversations)...

  • Unsatisfied with the amount of unmonetized ads even when leveraging multiple ad networks?

    Robin Good's Latest News

  • (And to that "value of traffic" argument from the previous post, I still can only say: 1 billion unmonetized pageviews versus 10 million actual dollars isn't a contest right now.


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