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  • adj. Not muffled.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ muffled


  • It's not exactly a rough house out there: instead it is something more antsy and frisky, an arena where frustrations are expressed and the strop unmuffled.

    Wimbledon 2010: Anastasia Rodionova hit by moody blues

  • The first hog rolled in at around two thirty, then another and another and another until the sound of the conga drums and flute music had been drowned out by the guttural roar of unmuffled Harley-Davidsons.

    Full Frontal Nudity

  • The light got closer and closer and whoever it was kept revving the unmuffled engine.

    Full Frontal Nudity

  • Augustine had chosen his fricking clanging bell as his signal and, just to get back at him, Layne had selected the sound of a revving and unmuffled Harley.

    Black Dust Mambo

  • AT TWO-THIRTY THAT afternoon Danny Boy Lorca was driving his converted army-surplus flatbed truck up the two-lane from the Mexican border, the wind as hot as a blowtorch through the window, the unmuffled roar of the engine shaking the cab, his fuel gauge ticking on empty.

    Rain Gods

  • We stopped by a pizza restaurant while on the run doing errands and were nicely seated and enjoying our pizza when we heard a very loud and unmuffled "Ka-choo" coming from the kitchen.

    How Y�ll Doin� ?

  • The muffled sound of voices no doubt through Steve's hand over the phone and then an unmuffled blast of, no question about it, Grace Slick telling me I gotta find somebody to love.

    Rescue 1973

  • Threading their way among them were kids on unmuffled motorbikes, which made a drilling din.

    Excerpt: House of the Deaf by Lamar Herrin

  • His first footfall on the first polished wood riser was loud, obvious, and unmuffled.


  • A little before we were met by my deliverer, I had, by getting one hand free, unmuffled myself so far as to see (as I had guessed once or twice before by the stone pavements) that we were going through a town; and then I again vehemently screamed.

    Sir Charles Grandison


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