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  • adj. Lacking a myelin sheath. Used of a nerve fiber.

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  • adj. Not myelinated.

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  • adj. (of neurons) not myelinated


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un- +‎ myelinated


  • The researchers found that the fibres, called unmyelinated low-threshold mechanoreceptors


  • These unmyelinated, specialized nerve fibers, called C-tactile fibers, each cover about one square centimeter of skin.

    Suzie Heumann: Pleasure Fibers & Touch: Pleasuring Me Pleasures You

  • Those sensations are coming via unmyelinated nerves, and give you some idea of the level of sensation in an embryo.

    Stem cells, Part 1, Introduction and Ethics

  • In relatively primitive organisms like clams, all nerves are unmyelinated.

    Stem cells, Part 1, Introduction and Ethics

  • In humans, some nerves remain unmyelinated, and those holdovers from early evolutionary time can't be anesthetised.

    Stem cells, Part 1, Introduction and Ethics

  • But there is a second slow-conducting nerve network of unmyelinated fibres, called C-tactile (CT), the role of which was unknown.

    Boing Boing: July 28, 2002 - August 3, 2002 Archives

  • These constricted unmyelinated regions are called nodes of Ran-vier (rahn-vee-ay), after the French histologist Louis Antoine

    The Human Brain

  • "In my present view, the leading hypothesis for the observed rapid that previously unmyelinated axonal fibers within white matter become rapidly myelinated when they start to carry frequent action potentials," he says.

    The Full Feed from

  • The two subcategories of CMH classes of C-nociceptive afferents exhibit similar conduction velocity (~0. 8 m/s) and radiant heat threshold (~45 °C) [28]; both were therefore likely to be involved in the triggering of the psychophysical responses to unmyelinated C-fibers reported in the present work.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Although we did not make a formal determination of the conduction velocity of the fibers that triggered the sensation of warmth, the psychophysical latencies of the warm responses were found to be compatible with unmyelinated C-fibers at the faster end of their range (~2 m/s).

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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