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  • adj. Not needful.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not needful; not wanted; needless; unnecessary.


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un- +‎ needful


  • "Am I to understand, " asked Dr. Goldman, 'that you regard Mrs. Gitche a stabilized personality unneedful of treatment?

    Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

  • For ten thousand years me sor - cerer-emperors of Memibone had ruled this world, a race without conscience or moral creed, unneedful of reasons for their acts of conquest, seeking no excuses for their natural malicious tendencies.

    Storm Bringer

  • Finding that my longer stay was unneedful, I went.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 10, No. 59, September, 1862

  • Of all imbecilic and unneedful obstructions to traffic, Rye's half-hidden hitching-post is one of the most notable seen in an automobile tour comprising seven countries and several hundreds, perhaps thousands, of large and small towns.

    The Automobilist Abroad

  • Again the donkey began to puff and quiver, the line began to roll up on the drum, and the big yarder walked up the slope under its own power, a locomotive unneedful of rails, making its own right of way.

    Big Timber A Story of the Northwest

  • For the magistrates do not exercise their citizens against their wills in unneedful labours.

    The Second Book. Of Sciences, Crafts, and Occupation

  • Immediately, he took the painter and hove it to us, bidding us tail on to it and bring the boat to shore without delay, and by this method of gaining the beach he showed wisdom; for in this wise he escaped attracting the attention of the monster by unneedful stirring of the water, as he would surely have done had he made use of an oar.

    The Boats of the Glen Carrig: Chapter 7

  • At this, the men nearest unto the door came backwards in a surge, being put in sudden fear by reason of the Thing being so near; but the bo'sun held up a hand, bidding them, in a low voice, to make no unneedful noise.

    The Boats of the Glen Carrig: Chapter 3

  • At that, the bo'sun seized an oar, and I did likewise, and, so swiftly as we dared, for fear of making any unneedful noise, we pulled the boat to a safer distance.

    The Boats of the Glen Carrig: Chapter 6

  • 'I would request a little not unneedful haste, cousin,' she went on,

    St. George and St. Michael


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