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  • adv. To an unnerving degree


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unnerving +‎ -ly


  • On the good nights, or at least, the reassuring nights, everybody knows her, and they gather in unnervingly intent arcs in front of her instruments, forming her words with their own mouths as she sings them, shouting requests in the breaks for songs she hasn't even finished writing yet.

    Boing Boing: August 26, 2001 - September 1, 2001 Archives

  • I say "unnervingly" because Israeli drones (unmanned aircraft guided by remote control) often target such missile-launching operations from the sky.

    BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition

  • Japan's political equilibrium has traditionally been built on a social compact whereby citizens accepted extensive, often intrusive, government ordering of society in exchange for the unnervingly competent performance of public duties by those who govern.

    Will Grief Turn to Anger in Japan?

  • Barely surviving the harsh climate of North Dakota plains is the sole silver-lining to the creepy yet unnervingly romantic, starkly humorous, and startlingly composed drama Prairie Love.

    Roya Rastegar: Sundance 2011 and the Sound of My Generation: Part I

  • It's billed as a meditation on racism but it's more an opportunity for this thoughtful, unnervingly camp comedian a cross between John Waters and Steve Buscemi, but with an Australian accent to spin more offbeat stories of his alienation from everyday society.

    This week's new live comedy

  • BMW The car is not unnervingly fast, but it is hugely willing.

    BMW 1M Coupe

  • Consider for a moment how many Republican presidential contenders and potential contenders have had either paying gigs as political contributors on Fox or are simply unnervingly regular guests.

    Chez Pazienza: The Politics of Murdoch

  • This is why, I think, despite the public clamor for his head, Geithner came across to me as confident and brash — almost unnervingly so — even after the Republican upset in Massachusetts.

    Inside Man

  • We have been overly cautious, unnervingly indecisive, Graham said.

    US Legislators Debate Libya Intervention

  • We bonded over our shared love of blended drinks in mason jars and indie pop music, and although we didn't see each other for another three months (time enough for her to sell her debut novel, "Mostly Good Girls" -- out October 5th), I remembered her being unnervingly funny.

    Rebecca Serle: Mostly Good Girls: A Look Behind Prep-School Perfection


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