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  • adj. not nourished


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  • I felt, in some deep way, unnourished, like I was getting lighter, like I might just blow away.

    The Dirty Life

  • We are losing the battle to feed the world's unnourished, and if we continue down this line of negative progress, one can imagine dozens of food riots evolving into dozens of armed conflicts.

    Rahim Kanani: The Great Convergence of Crises: Can We Handle the 21st Century?

  • Any fire burning dependent on a sustenance of grass & timber, being unnourished — from having consumed that sustenance and not being offered any other — is classified simply as 'out' unbound.

    A Verb for Nirvana by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

  • If we are lucky, lack of money, lack of choice fear and the opening of chasms giddy depths visible for once beneath well shod feet, might breed compassion; might shake loose our comfortable bigotry, might feed something unnourished by wealth.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • He is writing this book in exile, identified to all appearance with the Residents Lounge, but unnourished by what keeps the Residents stolidly alive, as insensitive to others as they are to themselves.


  • Hoeing must be constantly attended to, both to prevent the soil becoming exhausted of its nourishment by the rapid growth of weeds, and because when the surface becomes hard and cracked the rain runs through the deep fissures, leaving the surface soil dry and the roots of the plants unnourished.

    Gardening for the Million

  • It is just as readily possible for a plant to starve in a soil abounding in plant food, if that food is not available, as it would be for you to go unnourished in the midst of soups and tender meats if the latter were frozen solid.

    Home Vegetable Gardening — a Complete and Practical Guide to the Planting and Care of All Vegetables, Fruits and Berries Worth Growing for Home Use

  • It is the saccharine they take from the leaf that makes them grow; if you feed them tough leaves with little saccharine in them the poor worm has all the labor of eating a vast quantity of material that simply takes its strength and leaves it exhausted and unnourished.

    The Story of Silk

  • An unnourished human body responds but weakly, so, vitiated by their fast and labours, their suffering smote them with tenfold cruelty.


  • These young people accomplish little toward the solution of this social problem, and bear the brunt of being cultivated into unnourished, oversensitive lives.

    Twenty Years at Hull-House, With Autobiographical Notes


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