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  • adj. Not nuanced.


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un- +‎ nuanced


  • Media reports regarding the DRC's submission to the home affairs portfolio committee were in some cases "unnuanced" and did not always fully reflect all the facts, DRC General Synod General

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • I suspect that disclaimers should be issued by persons who insist that everything be simple, unnuanced, black-and-white, or fit neatly into the popsci formulae they are so used to dealing with.

    A Disclaimer for Behe?

  • While raising several valid points about unnuanced and slanted opinions on Israel, points which deserve serious debate, Mr. Dershowitz weakens his case by a selective use of facts which leads to a serious misrepresentation of Norway's relationship to its Jews and to Israel.

    Norway, Free Speech, Prejudice and University Freedom

  • But Sibley accepts this unnuanced assertion without argument, asking aloud how to account for our alleged "suicidal mentality."

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • Surely you're not suggesting that, just because most conservative Christians and many others today are comfortable saying "Jesus is God" in a simplistic and unnuanced fashion, that we can extrapolate from that that God is a person because Jesus is one?

    Gods, Gospels, and Gotta Think of a Third "G"

  • But this, in a way, is also the book's great achievement: not so much its unnuanced characterisation of evil, but its commemoration, its bearing witness to the truly heroic.

    The Fear: The Last Days of Robert Mugabe by Peter Godwin – review

  • If the short bit in the Sunday Post was unnuanced, then a tweet based on that short bit is probably pretty close to worthless, so you're wise not to lose any sleep over it.

    Polite Sex at Dawn

  • On one particular point I find myself somewhat in agreement with Obamabam: if you aren't a racist (and that isn't at all clear to me), then you have an oversimplified, unnuanced grasp of racism that would enable a racist to thrive.

    Obama Outspending Hillary Almost 3-1 On Pennsylvania Ads

  • You see, Miliband the Elder is talking rhetoric - he's simply saying that the phrase 'War on Terror' was the wrong one to use because of what it implies; because it panders to unnuanced "us and them" thinking; because it suggests that the only solution is a military one.

    It's a matter of rhetoric for Miliband

  • It was just that it was a stupid, unnuanced statement.



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