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  • adj. Not obfuscated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ obfuscated


  • Among other things, the policy that all addons be distributed free, unobfuscated, and it bans them from advertising in-game.

    March 2009

  • Besides, if you really care, it's fairly trivial to plug into the API, resolve the shortened URLs and run your own unobfuscated web archive.

  • If your application consists of one or more assemblies that are standalone (that is, no unobfuscated code depends on any of the assemblies), then the obfuscator is free to rename an assembly regardless of the name's visibility, so long as the names and references to them are consistent across the set of assemblies.

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  • Obviously this is a lot less informative than a stack dump from the unobfuscated program.

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  • Somewhere in between are applications that are meant to plug into existing unobfuscated frameworks.

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  • According to Ducklin, all shellcode can be hard to detect "not so much because of how it's encoded -- whether as unobfuscated Intel instructions, Java bytecode or broken English -- but because it can crop up at unexpected locations in malicious files".

    ZDNet Asia Latest Tech News

  • Try, just try, to find unobfuscated facts about these leases and it’s nearly impossible.

    Commiting Political Suicide?


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