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  • adj. Not obliterated.


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un- +‎ obliterated


  • From Kim Jong-Il to Blockbuster, Vows to Be Better in 2011 Associated Press Kim Jong Il I RESOLVE TO TAKE KEENER AIM at small rocky islands that attack us from behind the skirts of the debauched Western hag and not to leave so many huts and lean-tos unobliterated.

    Resolutions for Gradual Improvement:

  • Monsieur, the landlord of The Glory, counts a double handful of sous, without an unobliterated inscription, or an undamaged crowned head, among them.

    Reprinted Pieces

  • It is true, a great proportion of the membrane on which the writings of the middle ages are inscribed, appear rough and uneven, but I could not detect, through many manuscripts of a hundred folios -- all of which evinced this roughness -- the unobliterated remains of a single letter.

    Bibliomania in the Middle Ages

  • He knew, generally, where the thieves were going, but he wanted their tracks unobliterated in front of him.

    The Keeper

  • Fourthly, the funicular process may become obliterated both at the abdominal inguinal ring and above the epididymis, leaving a central unobliterated portion, which may become distended with fluid, giving rise to a condition known as the encysted hydrocele of the cord.

    XI. Splanchnology. 3c. The Male Genital Organs

  • There, for a few feet, were plainly the marks of the outside tires of a car, still unobliterated.

    Guy Garrick

  • The manuscript of the preceding chapters was found in fine condition, and entirely unobliterated by the passage of the centuries since it was written, but beginning at this point cracks appear, and in some places such complete fractures as make the continuity of the narrative impossible.

    The Autobiography of Methuselah

  • I find that I draw from the singularly unobliterated memory of the particulars of all that experience the power quite to glory in our shame; of so entrancing an interest did I feel it at the time to _be_ an hotel child, and so little would I have exchanged my lot with that of any small person more privately bred.

    A Small Boy and Others

  • All the way, in the blinding, whirling snow, I traced the unobliterated prints of a small fairy foot.

    Much Darker Days

  • As the road was but little traveled, the tracks of the cart wheels and of old Bald remained entirely unobliterated.

    Master William Mitten: or, A Youth of Brilliant Talents, Who Was Ruined by Bad Luck


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