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  • Not painful; giving no pain.

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  • adj. not accompanied by pain sensations


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  • Participants in the study were first tested to see how much pain they could withstand, and before you get the image of some guy being tortured on a medieval rack in your head, you should know that the "pain" was unpainful things like seeing how long you could take having a bag of ice on your skin.

    Todd Hartley: I'm With Stupid: If You Don't Laugh at This You Could Die

  • Bek: I think that in the last 10-20 years, dentists in the US have become very careful and really treat patients with kid gloves in order to attract them essentially, marketing themselves as a good, unpainful dentist to choose.

    Der Zahnarzt, Revisited

  • And indeed, hard and soft are names that we give to things only in relation to the constitutions of our own bodies; that being generally called hard by us, which will put us to pain sooner than change figure by the pressure of any part of our bodies; and that, on the contrary, soft, which changes the situation of its parts upon an easy and unpainful touch.

    An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

  • Only the safe and unpainful have been published in recent years -- at least in ambitious, voluminous form.

    The Book of the Damned

  • With a curious, unpainful self-analysis he noted that the older members of the party, who in the course of nature were so much nearer death, did not shrink from its shows; but the young girl and the young man had not borne to look on them, and had quickly escaped from the place, somewhere outside the gate.

    Complete March Family Trilogy

  • A playfulness has revisited my mind; a sympathy with the young and gay; an unpainful interest in the business of others; a light and wandering curiosity; arising, perhaps, from the sense that my toil on earth is ended, and the brief hour till bedtime may be spent in play.

    The Village Uncle (From "Twice Told Tales")

  • A playfulness has revisited my mind -- a sympathy with the young and gay, an unpainful interest in the business of others, a light and wandering curiosity -- arising, perhaps, from the sense that my toil on earth is ended and the brief hour till bedtime may be spent in play.

    Twice Told Tales

  • There the change, though it was gradual and unpainful, according to the gentlest laws of nature, has been entire and complete.

    Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2

  • Sabean's Vets: Rowand, Sanchez, DeRosa, Sandoval, Huff, Renteria, Schierholtz, Posey falling is part of the process, just make it as unpainful as possible same with skateboarding.

    McCovey Chronicles

  • Ad-hoc collaboration with peers [is facilitated by] intelligent merge tracking [because] merging early and merging often is both possible and surprisingly unpainful.

    Sebastian Bergmann


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