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  • v. to remove (a car or other vehicle) from a parked position


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From un- +‎ park.


  • Any thread, however, may call unpark () on a given Parker.

    Sun Bloggers

  • In Mérida there are men who will help you park and unpark on city streets, waving their little usually red clothes with much delight and vigor and some degree of flourish.

    Charging for parking

  • The cop told him to unpark his ass and move along before his car got rear-ended by a drowsy semi driver.

    Bernard-Henri Lévy says why Barack Obama will be President.

  • This, of course, entirely distracted the valet parking guy and a lot of other people since of course you can park and unpark cars anytime, but three women undressing each other in a parking lot is a considerably more unusual experience.

    New Year's sagas and other things

  • I went and helped unpark the cars and get them away after the show.


  • We need to unpark our brains, so we can reclaim the thousands of kilometres of roads criss-crossing our cities and convert them from economic dead zones to places designed to attract people and revenue.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Can you get links for your domain when it is parked and still have the links count towards helping your search engine results once you unpark the domain and add content to it.

    Digital Point Forums

  • Parked items are put on the pasteboard, and can be moved around freely from there - any movement while they are parked is ignored and forgotten the instant you unpark them.

    VersionTracker: Mac OS X

  • The neat thing is that parked page items 'remember' where they came from - you can 'unpark' them, which causes them to fly back to the exact location they had before you parked them.

    VersionTracker: Mac OS X

  • The underlying issue is a classic optimization in unpark () which tries to avoid taking a lock.

    Sun Bloggers


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