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  • adj. Not parsed.


un- +‎ parsed (Wiktionary)


  • He understood after the last election that those days of unparsed promises and sometimes careless rhetoric were over.

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  • To be more specific, they're stored in the template table: table. parsed and template. unparsed I believe.

    vBulletin Community Forum

  • Probably, ideally people wouldn't use HTML to formet RSS feed text, but I can't control what others do, and it looks BAD on my page with the code displaying unparsed.

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  • We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan that Will Work (2009) and the many books like it represent noble goals, but the weight of such unparsed idealism sinks them immediately.

    The L Magazine - New York City's Local Event and Arts & Culture Guide

  • There's a time-lapse then the stop-gap song opens the next scene as another canto, but that too is followed by unparsed interaction, and because the dynamics is unstructured it doesn't create the sense of a lead-in to the song that's meant to bring the drama to its resolution.

    Notes From The Geek Show

  • EXAMPLE The XML processor treats the unparsed entity as an opaque block, of course.

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  • Notation Because the XML processor cannot process unparsed entities, it needs a mechanism to associate them with the proper tool.

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  • Notation is simply a mechanism to declare the type of unparsed entities and associate them, through an identifier, with an application.

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  • External general entities can be parsed or unparsed.

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  • US And "jacksmith. ent" contains However, unparsed entities are probably the most helpful external general entities.

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