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  • noun physics Used attributively to describe a form of physics that describes matter in terms other than of particles


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un- +‎ particle; see particle physics.


  • ~ Professor proposes theory of unparticle physics -- Howard Georgi, a physicist at Harvard University, has recently published a paper on so-called unparticle physics, which suggests the existence of “unparticle stuff” that cannot be accounted for by the standard model.

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  • Skimming the headlines in hep-ex, you can just ignore anything with “unparticle” or “New limits on [unmotivated model] - type models” in the title.

    Why RSS+arXiv=Awesome « Imaginary Potential

  • The unparticle theory is a type of regularization scheme.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • An unparticle does not have one particular mass, but can take on any possible mass or have all possible masses at the same time, depending on how you look at it.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.

  • Appearing in a recent edition of Physical Review Letters, the paper says that unparticle stuff would be very different than anything seen before.

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  • Recently the unparticle concept of Howard Georgi was proposed. - latest science and technology news stories

  • "In AWT observable reality appear like unparticle stuff similar to Perlin noise from sufficiently ..."

    Scientific Blogging

  • I presume, the vacuum is fuzzy unparticle stuff at both Planck, both cosmological scales. - latest science and technology news stories

  • I can’t give a definative answer to whether the unparticle theory is related to my thinking that gravitation and quantum mechanics are particle relationships that are specific cases in a more general physical relationship system.

    Dark Matter: Still Dark.


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