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  • adj. Not passed (in various senses).


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un- +‎ passed


  • In addition to taking up still-unpassed spending bills for defense, water facilities and other arenas that can contribute to jobs, the most critical legislation -- extending middle-class tax cuts but allowing those for the rich to expire -- faces an uncertain future in a lame-duck session, Samuel says, after Democrats refused to touch the issue before the election.

    Art Levine: Labor-Backed Oct. 2 Rally Competing With Jon Stewart, Pro-Corporate Senate

  • BTW, it'll be a while before SMD sees any of the money in the as yet unpassed stimulus package you're accusing Weiler of ignoring.

    Is SMD Paying Attention to White House Priorities? - NASA Watch

  • She insists the Senate fix their own bill that is not yet law in a process reconciliation designed to make changes to laws — not unpassed bills.

    ObamaCare Decision Deadline Looms | RedState

  • The jobs package would move as an attachment to the defense appropriations bill, which will also serve as the vehicle for other unpassed legislation.

    House likely to add jobs bill to defense spending legislation

  • Today one of the most critical issues we face is the present use of the still unpassed Home Grown Terrorism Act. It is already being used.

    What Happened to Freedom? A Story You Need to Hear.

  • The only good thing is that with Kirk's dismal history of getting anything passed, this is likely to sit with the rest of his sad and lonely unpassed legislation.

    Congress Finally Protects America by Going On Vacation

  • All the while appropriations bills go unpassed and FISA modernization, energy and other important issues go unaddressed.

    CNN Transcript Jul 26, 2007

  • We heard from Tony Fratto earlier today, saying every day this Congress gets a little more out of control -- a new call for a special prosecutor, a new investigation launched, a new subpoena issued, an unprecedented contempt vote and an old score somehow settled -- all the while appropriation bills go unpassed and FISA modernization, energy and other important issues go unaddressed.

    CNN Transcript Jul 26, 2007

  • And then the president will also urge lawmakers to pass the rest of the so far unpassed appropriations bills to fund the federal government for 2008.

    CNN Transcript Dec 4, 2007

  • The harmful one-way trade rules are in place for agriculture, services under GATS, intellectual property under TRIPS, and the mostly unpassed corporate wish list from hell covered under MAI that would establish a single global economy run by these corporate giants.

    Alternatives To the Collapsed WTO Doha Round Talks


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