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  • adv. In an unpatriotic way.

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  • adv. in an unpatriotic manner


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

unpatriotic +‎ -ally


  • Greg re: Poll town hall participants acting 'unpatriotically' ...

    NOW on PBS

  • Of course, I wonder how Palin's husband, the one who belongs to the Alaska Independence Party whose chief goal is to unpatriotically sucede from the U.S., would feel about the wife saying "American" in a favorable light.

    Palin takes aim at Obama over energy

  • While the group was aiming to have planes fly with their message in all fifty states, about half unpatriotically declined American Atheists' request to exercise their free speech with this message.

    Roy Speckhardt: Celebrating Fourth of July Without God

  • Safe from those who would weaken America by unpatriotically attacking the president at a time of war.

    David Ropeik: The Word: Feariness

  • Maybe she wants to spend more time with her husband and his allegience in the Alaskan Independence Party, whose chief goal is to unpatriotically sucede their state from the U.S.

    Poll: Was Palin's resignation a smart move?

  • We're urged to treat the military with kid gloves, to handle with care their fragile progress, and not to dwell, unpatriotically, on the war crimes that massacre children.

    Kathy Kelly: One Blue Sky Above Us

  • He does not want to have himself sidelined by being depicted by Khamenei's people as the weak one who unpatriotically sold out.

    Iranian President Proposes Further Nuclear Talks

  • John McCain was and is wrong, as is every Republican legislator who now asserts congress pulled the rug -- prematurely -- from the US fighting man in Vietnam, that it was congress, abetted by a television media that, unpatriotically, had the gall to show to the home audience the death and mutilation that was taking place in the hills and hamlets, that were the proximate cause of our defeat in that southeast Asian country.

    The questions asked concerning Afghanistan are all wrong.

  • ‘We heard of the panic in the headquarters and supply areas, and were unpatriotically delighted at the thought of generals and staff officers fleeing for Alexandria or wetting themselves in slit trenches…In this case we reckoned that the top command was making a complete mess of things anyway, and we could do just as well without them.’

    Sealing Their Fate

  • It happened, of course, because guys like Buchanan are willing to go on national TV to express outrage that any language other than English should be heard between the unpatriotically named Rio Grande and the Great Lakes.

    Bad Pat


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