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  • adj. Not patronized.

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  • Not having a patron; not supported by friends. Not traded with customarily; not frequented by customers: as, an unpatronized dealer or shop.

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  • adj. having little patronage or few clients


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un- +‎ patronized


  • The indulgence shewn by the Public to Evelina, which, unpatronized, unaided, and unowned, past through Four Editions in one Year, has encouraged its Author to risk this SECOND attempt.


  • A tiny French bistro-bar La Vie, (so unpatronized you had to resist the temptation to call it La Mort) couldn't make creme caramel and had no coffeemaker yet.

    Can Airport Food Get Off the Ground?

  • It's like, you're pondering what kind of business to start, and as you walk pass six struggling, unpatronized hair salons all lined up in a row, you think, I know!

    Cutting My Own Bangs

  • It's one of five in the city and probably the most unpatronized.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • The policy of freeing the country from the restrictive tariff will so variegate and multiply the undertakings in the country that there will be a wider market and a greater competition for labor; it will let the sun shine through the clouds again as once it shone on the free, independent, unpatronized intelligence and energy of a great people.

    The New Freedom A Call For the Emancipation of the Generous Energies of a People

  • The heterogeneous triflings which now, I am very sorry to say, occupy so much of our time, will be neglected; fashion's votaries will silently fall off; dishonest exertions for rank in society will be scorned; extravagance in toilet will be detested; that meager and worthless pride of station will be forgotten; the honest earnings of dependents will be paid; popular demagogues crushed; impostors unpatronized; true genius sincerely encouraged; and, above all, pawned integrity redeemed!

    History of Woman Suffrage, Volume I

  • What arguments he used on this point cannot exactly be known, for Sir Everard was never supposed strong in the powers of persuasion; but the young officer, immediately after this transaction, rose in the army with a rapidity far surpassing the usual pace of unpatronized professional merit, although, to outward appearance, that was all he had to depend upon.

    Waverley: or, 'Tis sixty years since

  • I cannot conclude these opinions without paying tribute to the talents of my illustrious country-women; who, unpatronized by the courts, and unprotected by the powerful, persevere in the paths of literature, and ennoble themselves by the unperishable lustre of MENTAL PRE-EMINENCE!

    Sappho and Phaon

  • He now found one of his most frequent visitants accusing him of treason, in hopes of sharing his confiscation; yet, unpatronized and unsupported, he cleared himself by the openness of innocence, and the consistence of truth; he was dismissed with honour, and his accuser perished in prison.

    The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume 03 The Rambler, Volume II

  • Castle by an "unpatronized female" in 1796, the writer complained "Since Mrs Radcliffe's justly admired and successful romances, the press has teemed with stories of haunted castles and visionary terrors; the incidents of which are so little diversified, that criticism is at a loss to vary its remarks" (Anon, 16

    Haunted Britain in the 1970s


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