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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unpen.
  • adj. unwritten


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  • You send a decisive shrewd adult who will tell the crooked merchant inside they have unpenned the bull and unless they correct their course in a hurry the bull will be by shortly to break their cases.

    Unbuckling the Vice of the Conspiracy Belt

  • Life there is as unassuming as the cows that walk the streets ­ unpenned - not domestic, yet agreeable.

    Going South - Mexico Of The 1980's

  • You with your few words make me feel a small thing with all my unpenned rabble about me.

    An Englishwoman's Love-Letters

  • Thoughts conceived but ne'er expressed, perishing unpenned, unheard.

    One Thousand Secrets of Wise and Rich Men Revealed

  • In the bottle, what magnificence of unpenned stuff lies cool and liquid: what fluency of essay, what fonts of song.

    Mince Pie

  • He could see the fugitive, as he came to the corner; and like an unpenned bull he swung about and made after him.

    Never-Fail Blake

  • Marc'antonio must have unpenned the hogs; for the sty was empty.

    Sir John Constantine Memoirs of His Adventures At Home and Abroad and Particularly in the Island of Corsica: Beginning with the Year 1756

  • It was a scene that, but for its truth and that it was but one of the many horrors of its kind which stained the domination of the Khalifa and his people, were better left unpenned -- one of those which show the need for retributive justice and the strong hand of a power whose strength should at once crush down the vile rule of cruelty and crime against modern civilisation and peace.

    In the Mahdi's Grasp

  • It was so early that not a shepherd had unpenned his fold, nor a girl gone forth to the milking: such cattle as remained at liberty during the night, still slumbered on the sward; and the wily fox roamed with less caution than was his wont, under the knowledge that no enemy was by to watch his progress.

    The Buccaneer A Tale

  • The unpenned anti-McCain stories go to the quality he's made central to his career: honor.

    The Seattle Times


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