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  • adj. not philosophical

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not philosophical; the reverse of philosophical; not according to the rules or principles of sound philosophy: as, an unphilosophical argument; not capable of or not accustomed to philosophizing; not expert in general reasoning: as, an unphilosophical mind.


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  • When after what may be called the unphilosophical interregnum which followed Brown's death, Hamilton became professor, the Scottish tradition was blended with the very different theories derived from Kant.

    The English Utilitarians, Volume II (of 3) James Mill

  • The words: 'formal education' belong to that crude kind of unphilosophical phraseology which one should do one's utmost to get rid of; for there is no such thing as 'the opposite of formal education.'

    On the Future of our Educational Institutions

  • So let us for once be more cautious, let us be "unphilosophical": let us say that in all willing there is firstly a plurality of sensations, namely, the sensation of the condition "AWAY FROM

    Beyond Good and Evil

  •   To me, being rustled out of bed each morning to do the same thing, without allowance for finding our own way in the world, without time to reflect or hang out in a non-pool way, was deeply something that I didn't know to call unphilosophical.

    Euro-car at the Pool

  • Jefferson, the elegant thinker, began his public life arguing from rights to defiance, while the rough-hewn Jackson, the son of an actual immigrant yeoman and a mother who hoped he would enter the ministry, unphilosophical as a point of pride, spoke from experience when he wrote: “Every man with a gun in his hand, all Europe combined cannot hurt us.”

    The Chosen Peoples

  • "However, they (metaphysicians) consider it unphilosophical to assume, without argument, that only what science studies is real."

    Critical Thinking Skills

  • Not many turn round and observe the 'doubts' of Newton [who was well aware of the theory from ancient times – read the Opticks, p402]: "And if he [God] did so, it's unphilosophical to seek any other Origin of the World, or to pretend that it might arise out of a Chaos by the mere Laws of Nature; though being once form'd, it may continue by those Laws for many Ages."

    [evolution] and its shoddy tactics

  • Yet I fancy that Mr. Pope, though clogged with an enervated body, and distinguished by a diminutive stature, could nevertheless lay claim to greatness of soul; and perhaps there are many other instances which might be adduced to combat so unphilosophical an opinion.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • However, the sentiment is calm rather than violent, so an unphilosophical perspective treats it as a property “of the object” (S, 218).

    Hume's Aesthetics

  • When poems or paintings set the mind running along unphilosophical tracks away from what is abstract and intelligible, the attractions they possess will be seen as meretricious.

    Plato's Aesthetics


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