from The Century Dictionary.

  • Incapable of being pierced.


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  • Empty restaurants run out of menus, their strange meats unpierceable by the average fork.

    Documents and Disorder

  • The legends down through the ages of the invincible and irresistible sword and unpierceable armor are evidence of the warrior's yearning for some such added security in battle.

    The HurricaneStory

  • "Estelle is a courageous woman and discreet with the unpierceable reticence of spontaneity."


  • Here the unpierceable walls were washed every morning by an automatic sluice.

    The Ball and the Cross

  • Sorrow, sin, pride, shame, ambition, failure, obstinacy, ignorance, selfishness, forgetfulness -- enough to make ye veil your radiant faces in unpierceable clouds to hide forever the sight of so much crime and misery.

    A Romance of Two Worlds

  • Thus, in the traditions of every ancient nation, there is a vast and misty tract of time, expressed, if at all, in figures of appalling magnitude -- hundreds of thousands, nay, millions of years -- between the unpierceable gloom of an eternal past and the broad daylight of remembered, recorded history.

    Chaldea From the Earliest Times to the Rise of Assyria

  • Its edge did not, like that of their own weapons, blunt with usage, and they could well understand that, if armor could be formed of it, it would be altogether unpierceable.

    By Right of Conquest Or, With Cortez in Mexico

  • He seems, if I may so say, to have transubstantiated his vast imagination and fancy into subtlety not to be evaded, acuteness to which nothing remains unpierceable, and indefatigable agility of argumentation.

    The Literary Remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge


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