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  • adj. That cannot be pleased; implacable.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Incapable of being pleased.


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un- +‎ pleasable


  • As has been pointed out, people on the general forums are generally the exhibitionist and unpleasable minority they are, after all, ranting out their concerns to millions of perfect strangers along with thousands of other people just like them and a better indication of popular sentiment can be derived from the message boards of the Uber Guilds.

    We Need Community Managers

  • Furthermore, if those 3rd party forums say things you don't agree with, will you instead just dismiss them as more of that 'unpleasable 5%'?

    We Need Community Managers

  • “A man ungrateful and unpleasable,” Northumberland styled him: he was one who could not

    John Knox and the Reformation

  • The diamonds of a rich woman serve to mark her status quite as much as to please the unpleasable eye of envy; in the same way that the uniform, the robes and vestments, are needed to set aside the soldier, the magistrate or priest, and give him the right of dealing _ex officio_, not as a mere man among men.

    Laurus Nobilis Chapters on Art and Life

  • "A man ungrateful and unpleasable," Northumberland styled him: he was one who could not

    John Knox and the Reformation

  • Yes, I am sure that there is more to come out over time which could indicate whether the shooter was a incompetent nut-job, the supervisor was unpleasable, or anything in between. -

  • I'd be interested in hearing a little more specifically on how this is beneficial to the community other than your "we can't have our cake and eat it, too" comment, which makes us sound like a bunch of unpleasable whiners.


  • Journalists and developers will say that they've become whatever it is they've become because of turning backbends to please an unpleasable audience; the audience can just as easily say they've been made what they are by the media they consume.


  • No, a civilized nation by his lights is one in which a chosen few get to live like kings and queens, comporting themselves as they see fit, following highly flexible rules they set for themselves and can ignore at their convenience, paying no price for their crimes and depredations, while getting to tell the rest of us how to behave and how to work and how to accept our lots without complaint or expectation of any other rewards besides the ones they deign to toss our way like scraps to the dogs, a nation in which they rake up piles and piles of money and cart it home in wheelbarrows while the rest of us are so desperate for work we'll take whatever we can get at whatever insulting wage they decide, begrudgingly, to pay, in which we're so terrified of losing our job that we'll cringe and fawn and work ourselves to exhaustion to please our unpleasable betters and then grovel and apologize and accept our punishments meekly when we we fail to be sufficiently slavish.

    The end of civilization as they've dreamed it

  • A: There’s that scene where Anton Ego, who’s been set up as the unpleasable, irritable, grouchy, eccentric critic, is asked why he hates food and he says “No, I love eat, I want food to be better.”

    Everyone’s A Critic: An interview with Douglas Wolk, Part the first


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