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  • n. A disagreeable remark, situation, or act.

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  • n. That which is unpleasant.
  • n. An unpleasant remark, behaviour, etc.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Want of pleasantry.
  • n. A state of disagreement; a falling out.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Want of pleasantry; absence or the opposite of cheerfulness, humor, or gaiety; disagreeableness.
  • n. An unpleasant occurrence; especially, a slight quarrel or falling out.
  • n. A discomfort.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

unpleasant +‎ -ry


  • Caught 'em red handed and threatened them with certain unpleasantry if I caught them again, but this was no deterrent ... most of 'em are way too far gone to even remember who it is they are stealing from, one day to the next.

    For bottle return mess, a new idea (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • The unpleasantry of a cheap safety valve, for instance, or of an over confident BP executive, an under zealous regulator with the easy answer that those that work hard and succeed in business or in government are capable of -- more or less -- doing the right thing.

    Stephen Gyllenhaal: Roots, Oil, and Real Change

  • I've waited a fortnight to see some live off-the-ball unpleasantry (in HD as well), and now they're showing me ...

    Tim Dowling's World Cup diary

  • He referred to the war as an “unpleasantry of life.”

    Bungalowing Iraq

  • Remorse for past misdeeds and follies Harry sincerely felt, when he found himself a prisoner in that dismal lock-up house, and wrath and annoyance at the idea of being subjected to the indignity of arrest; but the present unpleasantry he felt sure could only be momentary.

    The Virginians

  • Punishment is usually used to describe a process whereby a person found guilty of a crime is forced to endure unpleasantry in order to persuade the individual to change their way.

    If Mr. Williams is killed, nothing will be better for it.

  • Based on 40 years of work as an independent correspondent abroad, I fully agree with American colleague Craig Merrihue who wrote: 'Experience and education has taught me, like many others, that the bottom line to politics is money and murder, an unpleasantry completely ignored by professional journalism, which is doomed to therefore never approach the most salient truths.

    Our Man in Holland - the Foreign Press Foundation (FPF) Writes about the world's Economic Hit People!

  • I understand there has been an unfortunate unpleasantry.

    Sins of Two Fathers

  • Crew segregation by sex is an unpleasantry unique to the Climbers.

    Passage at Arms

  • The march continued, matters seeming to go on very smoothly -- but only seeming, mind you, for let alone that we were all walking upon a volcano, there was a good deal of unpleasantry brewing.

    Begumbagh A Tale of the Indian Mutiny


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