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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of unpleat.
  • adj. Without pleats.


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  • Where as I went around in my pleated Haggar wrinkle-free washables, he gallivanted around here unpleated, uncuffed, and unconcerned.


  • I'd be the gym teacher that all the kids thought was cool because he shopped at The Gap, was unpleated, and wore expensive ribbed t-shirts in assorted colors, none of which were the sports gray I had so fondly clung to in my past life.


  • “Yeah, unpleated pants,” she said, her words heavy with suspicion.


  • He studied her, noting the fretful way she pleated and unpleated her linen napkin, and the way she kept pulling her cell phone from her bag to check that it was on.

    Hot For Him

  • The skirt was unpleated silk, with tiny darts at the waist, and a handkerchief bottom.

    Orphans of Chaos

  • Seal dumpling by pressing pleated and unpleated edges tightly together, enclosing filling.

    Shrimp Potstickers

  • Like all Altans, he cut his hair short, just above the ears, and he wore the short, unpleated kilt that all Altan farmers sported.


  • Her fingers unpleated so she could point to what he was holding in his hand.

    The Bellini Bride

  • His gray worsted-wool trousers, unpleated, were worn but the crease was perfect.

    Death on the River Walk

  • She crinkles her nose and smiles a naughty smile that's not really a smile, but young single girl code for I want to fuck your mid-life crises having brains out, making you want to wear unpleated pants, so that from now on when she sees you there at work she'll know that she has rocked your world!



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