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  • adj. Not pointed

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not having a point; not sharp.
  • Having the points unfastened, as a doublet.
  • Having no point or sting; wanting point or definite aim or purpose.
  • Not having marks by which to distinguish sentences, members, and clauses; unpunctuated: as, unpointed writing.
  • Not having the vowel points or marks: as, an unpointed manuscript in Hebrew or Arabic.

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  • adj. not having a point especially a sharp point


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un- +‎ pointed


  • [18: 41] Prokofy Neva: what do you mean "unpointed"?

    Second Thoughts

  • They may also at some point find that they have moved into an unpointed reading and understood it without immediately realizing they had done so.

    Bunches of Grapes from the Syriac Vineyard: A Review

  • With its immersive sweetness and gentleness, this is another utterly confident and unhurried ensemble picture from Leigh, containing his distinctively extended dialogue scenes of unpointed ordinariness, and a lowered narrative heartbeat to which you have to make a conscious effort to adjust.

    Another Year ? review

  • And so it came as a surprise to me, that moment a couple of years ago, when my Oma dropped some small, unpointed comment that made it suddenly and abundantly clear that to her, I was not, in fact, family.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • "We think the matter deals with all aspects, whether, pointed or unpointed, by implication or otherwise, they are included in the remarks of Mr De Lange," ANC Chief Whip Nathi Nhleko said.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • The staff " I guess I saw that as more like a sword or an unpointed spear " anything that long clearly required technique.

    The Magic of Recluce

  • More probably it simply means "number, weigh, divide" -- the ambiguity being caused by the different possibilities of pointing and therefore of precisely interpreting these words, which were of course unpointed in the original.

    Introduction to the Old Testament

  • For instance, the death spoken of, death by the _stauros_, included transfixion by a pointed stauros or stake, as well as affixion to an unpointed stauros or stake; and the latter punishment was not always that referred to.

    The Non-Christian Cross An Enquiry into the Origin and History of the Symbol Eventually Adopted as That of Our Religion

  • Windowless, unpointed, the rickety old two-story house gaped sightlessly at him.


  • He noticed that she picked up the unpointed pencil and he felt a little desolate feeling, as if he had lost his only friend.



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