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  • adj. Not polarized.


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  • In addition, light can be unpolarized, meaning that at any particular instant the electric field has a particular orientation, but its orientation at some later time cannot be predicted from this knowledge.

    Ars Technica

  • But the existence of such a system is, as a matter of fact, the reason we used to have a relatively unpolarized US Congress.

    Matthew Yglesias » Pining For White Supremacy

  • Although most optical light is unpolarized – consisting of light with an equal mix of all polarizations – the extreme bending of energetic particles around a magnetic field line can polarize light.

    World-wide Campaign Sheds New Light on Nature's "LHC" | Universe Today

  • It may or may not work -- but even if it does, it leaves other GOP senate candidates unfrozen, depersonalized and unpolarized.

    'There Is No More Molly'

  • Trouble is, especially in the middle-east and in Ireland, there doesn't seem to be an unpolarized position.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Though most light is unpolarized, light that has interacted with matter can become polarized.

    New CMB Measurements Support Standard Model | Universe Today

  • COOPER: Also will their supporters sort of become unpolarized.

    CNN Transcript Oct 27, 2004

  • Carl Endicott unpolarized the big window in the living room and stared out into the night.

    Delta Search

  • Scotty let out a long breath and turned to face Jim, his helm unpolarized now.


  • The characteristic radiation is furthermore, in contrast to the diffuse radiation, wholly unpolarized and is not dissymmetrical in respect to the direction of incidence of the primary radiation, but spreads uniformly in all directions.

    Nobel Prize in Physics 1917 - Presentation


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