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  • adj. Not politically structured, oriented, or focused; not interested in politics.

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  • adj. Not political

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  • adj. politically neutral


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  • Having lost significant ground to Obama on the issue of the economy, and facing a potentially defining and withering debate on Friday where he would be confronted on his statements on the economy that have led to this sharp decline, McCain has attempted to change the rules of the game, to erase many past errors through a putatively "unpolitical" move -- something we have seen before.

    Obama Adviser: We're Inclined To Go Ahead With Debate

  • These "unpolitical" and disorderly creatures carried out a social revolution on their own terms, to satisfy their own needs.

    An Exchange on the Russian Revolution

  • I remember during the 8-year Bush Presidency, various friends of mine on the Left eviscerated President Bush on every word stumble, misplaced thought, "unpolitical" correct utterance, and his Texas ways many times.

    The Moderate Voice

  • For the record, I absolutely hated President Bush being eviscerated for every word stumble, misplaced thought, "unpolitical" correct utterance, and his Texas ways.

    The Moderate Voice

  • I can remember having a discussion about it with one comrade who thought it good but 'unpolitical'.

    Harry's Place

  • The conflation of soccer violence with Islamicization and the influence of immigrants along with the proposed ban constitute an absurd attempt to polarize opinion on a topic as localized and unpolitical as amateur sports leagues.

    Anita Schillhorn van Veen: Anti-Islam Dutch Party Calls for Ban on Immigrants in the Hague Soccer Clubs

  • Poor steeley damn, my unpolitical naive sis told me he looks like a good bytche.

    Think Progress » Steele on serving as RNC chair: God has ‘placed me here for a reason.’

  • As was well known to me, Rome did not interfere with the religious notions of its conquered peoples; but the Jews were for ever confusing the issues and giving a political cast to purely unpolitical events.

    Chapter 17

  • "And he always struck me as completely conventional and unpolitical anyhow."

    The Eton Problem

  • Director/producer Kathryn Bigelow and many critics have proclaimed The Hurt Locker is unpolitical, but I'm with Jonathan Rosenbaum on this one -- while a film about the war in Iraq may eventually, far in the future, be only vaguely interesting on a political level, it's going to have political implications now, when the war is still going on, regardless of how hard the filmmakers work to avoid such implications.

    Double Feature: In the Loop


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