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  • In an unpopular manner; not popularly.

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  • adverb In a manner which is not popular.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

unpopular +‎ -ly


  • A few considerations: as a state senator, Al White has earned a reputation for reaching across the aisle to get things done, sometimes unpopularly among his fellow Republicans; we've identified this as a rare and dwindling quality in the Senate Minority, and without knowing Mrs. White very well we would assume she'd bring the same approach.

    Family Ties or Sarah Palin's BFF?

  • Some people are starting to (unpopularly) point out that our current interest in kids and parenting is neither normal nor historical.

    Vanessa Richmond: Parenting to Blame for Jon and Kate's Split

  • What purpose, indeed, apart from inciting the neocon wet-dream unpopularly known as World War IV?

    Pointy Stick Diplomacy: James Wolcott

  • I've come across lots of savoury chocolate on menus lately: often chilli and chocolate sauce and incidentally often with kangaroo, probably b/c roo is such a strong flavoured meat, and many find it offputting.. could be useful for other unpopularly strong meats?

    Just Call Me Culinary Jebus

  • In the city of ---- there lived one Rodman Raikes, unpopularly known as the "Fist."

    The Flaw in the Sapphire

  • Both Johnnie and his ancient relative were popularly -- or unpopularly -- credited with powers of mischief which secured them immunities and privileges beyond the common and not a little prudently concealed dislike.

    Pearl of Pearl Island

  • The ridiculous expenditure of some of our mamma-bred undergraduates, who go to college primarily to cultivate social relations, are unknown anywhere in Germany, for a student would make himself unpopularly conspicuous by extravagance.

    Germany and the Germans From an American Point of View

  • Pericles was worthily acquired, the people often suffered it to be even unpopularly exercised.

    Athens: Its Rise and Fall, Complete

  • After baffling the proposition of the Spartans to banish from the Amphictyonic assembly the states that had not joined in the anti-Persic confederacy, he had sailed round the isles and extorted money from such as had been guilty of Medising: the pretext might be just, but the exactions were unpopularly levied.

    Athens: Its Rise and Fall, Complete

  • It is justly held as a strong proof of patience, that you should calmly submit to be spat upon, or have mud thrown upon you by some infuriated crowd; but here is a gentle creature who literally goes out every day to endure the certain contact of these nuisances, and comes home to dinner not in much better plight than one who has sat (unpopularly) in the pillory for an hour.

    Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 447 Volume 18, New Series, July 24, 1852


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