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  • In an unpractical manner; not practically.

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  • adverb In a way that is not practical.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

unpractical +‎ -ly


  • But if it had been a baptistry, it had been built unpractically high on the hill.


  • The passages of the palace, lined in green, brown and yellow marble to give the feeling of a cool forest, scented with the most exquisite flowering shrubs, led them past rooms of retainers, menageries, tanks of fish and reptiles, a seraglio and an armoury, until Lord Gho arrived at a wooden door guarded by two soldiers hi the unpractically baroque armour of Quarzhasaat, their own beards oiled and forked into fantastically exaggerated shapes.

    The Fortress of the Pearl

  • "It demonstrates the unpractically of his methods!" said the burly

    The Young Seigneur Or, Nation-Making

  • Now at last he knew who she was; now he could find her again on unforbidden ground, follow her where she had no excuse to hide, and press against all obstacles for an earthly fulfilment of that unpractically directed thing called prayer.

    King John of Jingalo The Story of a Monarch in Difficulties

  • 'Well,' he once more began, 'there was once a donkey, quite an intimate friend of mine -- and I have no friend of whom I am prouder -- who was unpractically fond of looking up at the stars.

    Prose Fancies (Second Series)

  • The practical man on the hill, and his scientific companion, (who is merely, so to speak, a man _unpractically_ concerned with practical causes and changes) do not thoroughly see the shapes of the landscape before them; and still less do they see the precise shape of the funiculars, tramways, offices, cheques, volcanoes, ice-caps and prehistoric inhabitants of their thoughts.

    The Beautiful An Introduction to Psychological Aesthetics

  • Even the phlegmatic English grew excited over the matter, and subsequently the Americans, who are not prone to spend their money so unpractically.

    Ticket No. "9672"

  • "Don't unpractically catch cold, while you are studying natural developement."


  • They had to look at things and express their surprise; they consulted and made decisions; they made the absurdest suggestions; and how Thora struggled to look wise and interested when the cows were introduced to her; and how difficult it was not to be all too unpractically enthusiastic over a small shaggy young dog; and how Mogens talked of drainage and the price of grain, while he stood there and in his heart wondered how Thora would look with red poppies in her hair!

    Mogens and Other Stories


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