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  • adj. Not yet tested or tried.
  • adj. Lacking the benefit of experience; unskilled.

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  • adj. Not practiced

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  • adj. not having had extensive practice


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  • We were wildly unpracticed at arguing with each other.

    The Bird House

  • We watched them with pleasure, but their hopping and unpracticed flying also attracted the attention of every other bird in the vicinity.

    Bird Cloud

  • On his apron, a nametag announced his name as Paul, scribbled in the unpracticed hand of a demented child, resting gently beneath the man breasts that made me feel inadequate as a woman in spite of the fact that my post-pregnancy breasts were nothing shy of floatation devices fit for a small elephant to stay above the surface.

    One Cent Baby

  • And the people who invented it had no idea who the ARVN in Vietnam would become and that they would actually practice the as yet unpracticed concept of ‘torture’.

    Matthew Yglesias » Marc Thiessen: Obama is Too Good at Killing Terrorists

  • But when she spoke, she had an insouciant and unpracticed glamour that belonged in a Hollywood film.

    The 12:39 to Matanzas

  • I'm pretty certain that most students, as well as most other readers unpracticed in literary criticism, would find the Mimesis passages almost as incomprehensible as the previously quoted passage about "epistemic systems" or as the scholarly papers Lewis-Kraus sat through.

    Literary Study

  • Interestingly enough, these selected 'Sharia' punishments were frowned upon under the centuries of Ottoman rule and by its end had become completely unpracticed.

    Yursil Kidwai: Blasphemy and 'Sharia' Laws: Legitimizing Corruption and Cognitive Dissonance in Muslim Lands

  • Waxes and liners and moisturizers and creams and glosses and surgery in the 1920s manner — unpracticed, inexact, more scientific experimentation than cosmetic routine.

    Peggy Guggenheim Visits Picasso's Bathroom

  • Walter noticed their mother had written the message in her flowing meticulous cursive; the youngsters signed "Pablo" and "Liz" in their sloppy, unpracticed signatures.


  • To the unpracticed eye it looks like undifferentiated rock, something you'd ignore if you spotted it on the sidewalk.

    Living His Dinosaur Dream


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