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  • adj. Not pragmatic.


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  • Note that while on the surface the document appears to ask how the US should adapt to the situation, it actually labels the idea of working to sustain US influence over Taiwan "unpragmatic", which is the Ultimate Sin in foreign relations.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • "Macau could stand as a symbol not of Portugal's backwardness and China's humiliation, but of an alternative (and superior) mode of sovereignty based on compromise, flexibility, and ambiguity rather than on unpragmatic notions of clarity and supremacy," Ms. Clayton writes.

    So Happy Together

  • Apparently it is unpragmatic for the Welsh Government to seek powers with which they can address Welsh problems.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • I'm going to miss the ideological uncertainty and the unpragmatic futility (seriously, you're mailing tea bags to the White House to demand lower taxes after you just got a tax cut?).

    Greg Saunders: Pouring Some Tea on the Ground for All My Dumb Homies...

  • It's a tell tale sign of our times though and at this point i find it difficult to repress a sigh ; when the gross incompetence of a politicians faulty sense of entitlement, is allowed to make an imposition in the form of an idea, which comes to nothing other than: an unpragmatic figment of his/her imagination run unfettered and unchecked.

    Is Captain Robert Semrau being Scapegoated?

  • In vain did the remnants of the real "heroic" generation plead that this insanity was irrational, unpragmatic, god-darnit, un-Athenian.

    John Fletcher: The Iraq Expedition: Greek Drama About an American Tragedy

  • Given the situation we're in, it seems downright ... unpragmatic.

    Scott Malcomson: Obama's Foreign Policy: It Depends What You Mean by "Pragmatic"

  • Nowhere can we find a country's political system that is unpragmatic and insensitive to the wishes of the Burmese people whose future has remained salvaged by the political whims and caprices of a select few of military officials now controlling and imposing their will upon the will of the citizenry.

    Lunatic generals refuse to open up gates

  • Johnny manages to get a pragmatic college degree, in spite of having deeply creative and - at the time - deeply unpragmatic talents and aspirations.

    SWEATblog: Reflection: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko by Daniel Pink

  • I love the way the KMT is said to be "pragmatic" in realizing that geography requires compromise, while the DPP, by inference, must be geographically clueless and unpragmatic.

    Archive 2008-02-01


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