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  • adv. In a manner or to a degree that has no precedent.


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unprecedented +‎ -ly


  • This is an odd charge to make against a nation which has repeatedly offered numerous concessions at the bargaining table, which after winning wars which it did not start subsequently, and unprecedently, yielded enormous tracts of the conquered land in order to obtain peace - and which in 2005 unilaterally withdrew from Gaza all its settlers and soldiers, at enormous expense to itself in every sense.

    Andrew Pessin: Tony Judt's Trojan Gift Horse

  • What else had been increasing, unprecedently, in lockstep with the growing insanity in the collective brain?

    David Horton: Breathe in, breathe out

  • His campaign is further evidence: beat the prohibitive favorite, and end up with money on hand and a unprecedently long lists of contributors and volunteers.

    Breaking: Howard Dean To Stay As Chair Of The DNC

  • Will the nation choose instead to "look forward" and leave the dark crimes of this unprecedently lawless administration behind?

    Crawling Out from Under the Rocks

  • So really it comes down to whether the Sun was unprecedently active or not over the past 50 years.

    Gulf of Mexico SST Proxy « Climate Audit

  • Such individuals who express this view are just opportunistic traitors who -- unlike Jeff's commenters -- are unprecedently corrupting American political dialogue and harming the country's interests with their rancid, ugly rhetoric.

    Sending Eugene McCarthy off to hell (updated)

  • So actually, when you get to that point and the republicans have scheduled their convention way in September of 2004, an unprecedently late convention, but once you get to that point Bush will actually be on equal footing with whoever the democratic nominee is.

    CNN Transcript Jul 20, 2003

  • You've got unemployment rates that are unprecedently high, 10.2 percent among African-Americans, about 5-6 percent overall.

    CNN Transcript Jan 20, 2002

  • The Government is making the most of the unprecedently close relations we have with the United States to build the basis for an even stronger and more vibrant partnership in the future.

    "The Evolving International Environment and Australia's National Interest"

  • Cautiously, thirty - four stations were left to run the slower, less-capable System 6, because AT&T suspected there might be shakedown problems with the new and unprecedently sophisticated System 7 network.

    The Hacker Crackdown


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