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  • adjective Not preoccupied.


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un- +‎ preoccupied


  • Much of the pleasure that I have just enjoyed over Mr. ARTHUR SYMONS 'essays of travel in _Cities and Sea Coasts and Islands_ (COLLINS) belongs to the wistful joy of recollection: remembered loveliness in the beautiful places of which he writes so vividly, remembered peace of the quiet unpreoccupied days in which they were written.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 156, Jan. 8, 1919

  • He looked on His mother; and it was with an unpreoccupied eye, that was able to disengage its attention from every other object by which it was solicited.

    The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ A Devotional History of our Lord's Passion

  • Garrick's were evidently unpreoccupied, like theirs.

    The Children

  • What mornings and afternoons one might spend there, brush in hand, unpreoccupied, untormented, pensioned, satisfied -- either persuading one's self that one would be "doing something" in consequence or not caring if one shouldn't be.

    Italian Hours

  • What does M. M.ntégut make, one would ask, from the point of view of Hawthorne's pessimism, of the singularly objective and unpreoccupied tone of the Introduction to the _Old M.nse_, in which the author speaks from himself, and in which the cry of metaphysical despair is not even faintly sounded?

    Hawthorne (English Men of Letters Series)

  • Falkner, too, would have preferred the company of his own thoughts, but Lee, apparently the only unpreoccupied, all-pervading, and boyishly alert spirit in the party, hailed him from within, and obliged him to present himself on the threshold of the parlor with the hare and hawk's wing he was still carrying.

    Snow-Bound at Eagle's

  • Although she boasts Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Christopher Walken and Colin Farrell among her illustrious male co-stars, Garner remains refreshingly unpreoccupied with the shallow trappings of beauty and celebrity.


  • Gilbey’s goatswhey which is his prime consolation, albeit involving upon the same no uncertain amount of esophagous re — gurgitation, he being personally unpreoccupied to the extent of

    Finnegans Wake


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