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  • adjective Not probed; uninvestigated


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ probed


  • The Crown Prosecution Service has weakly agreed with the police's view of what constitutes "new" evidence thereby neatly ignoring the unprobed files they already have.

    News of the World: Trouble at the top | Editorial

  • Left unprobed, though, was his father's rather more establishment side of the family.

    Stephen Fry: The know-all who is everybody's friend

  • His heart beat loud in contact with the unprobed, undissected, unanalyzed, unaccounted for.

    Tender is the Night

  • He took pride in knowing everything that went on within and around the abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and his reputation would suffer if he allowed this particular obscurity to go unprobed.

    The Potter's Field

  • One or two shortcomings were obliquely hinted at ( "I believe the custom is so-and-so at Susa") but the past was left unprobed.

    Funeral Games

  • By the end I felt inside out; as if no cranny of my mind stayed gently unprobed.

    Twice shy

  • And on February 10, 1938, in the company of Squadron Leader J.W. Gillan, one of the new fighter Hurricanes had herself an astonishing ad - venture in heretofore unprobed realms of time and space and shook the world with the marvel of her accomplishment.

    The HurricaneStory

  • I hadn't formulated it in quite these terms before, Paul, but I've been disturbed myself at the bottomless assumptions that lie behind Lithian reasoning -- all utterly unprobed, although in other respects the Lithians are very subtle.

    A Case Of Conscience

  • Nowadays one can buy almost anything ready-made, or get it made without difficulty; yet he who is able to make things for himself will always have an advantage over the person to whom the use of tools is an unprobed mystery.

    Things To Make

  • They show me my people in all its abasement, with all its unprobed wounds.

    The Renascence of Hebrew Literature (1743-1885)


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