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  • n. Unproductiveness.

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  • n. The quality or state of being unproductive; unproductiveness.


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unproductive +‎ -ity


  • I absolutely believe, however, that a writer's internal driving force can shut down and usher in long-term unproductivity.


  • But seriously, I could see such a devise allowing more portability and spontaneity that is helpful during times of unproductivity. thatpj

    Reading and Writing Screenplays on the Apple iPad | /Film

  • I wish I'd learned sooner not to do what I was told, to know that listening to other people and being a good girl would only lead to many years of depression and unproductivity.

    7 Highly Successful High School Dropouts

  • The question is whether we'll find a way to pick up where consumption, money manipulation, and unproductivity left off, or whether we will restore a national economy that produces, saves, invests, makes things, and pays its way.

    Gary Hart: When Do I Prosper?

  • By the end of grad school, I was pulling out meeting itineraries if more than 15 minutes of unproductivity went by -- or drawing one up on the fly.

    Meeting Mandatory (Thinking Optional)

  • I'm so glad that he could get over his massive unproductivity issues.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • And by working with business, I believe we shall succeed in cutting economic unproductivity substantially.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • There is higher unproductivity in Wales in every age group - particularly in the 40-50 age group, people who were in their twenties during the worst period of job losses in the early 1980s.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • It is more likely that the main factor behind the increase in economic unproductivity is the weaker call for unskilled work acrioss the developed world.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • There are serious problems this country is facing and the best the Clintons can put forward is * don't hope, don't try to change* ... * stick with me, I'll guarantee another term or two of DC drama isolation and unproductivity*?

    Obama: Don't Be Confused, I'm Serious About Ending War


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