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  • adjective Not having been prospected.


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un- +‎ prospected


  • It was also necessary to investigate whether the owners of unprospected mineral rights should loose them to promote a more equitable, non-racial and non-sexist distribution of these natural resources.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • In the unprospected areas, while the geological evidence is encouraging, we cannot speak with great definiteness about something of which we know so little.

    Mining—A Permanent Industry

  • I do not want to give you the impression that all this unprospected area will be equally valuable.

    Mining—A Permanent Industry

  • With the possible exception of Northern Siberia, this is the largest unprospected area remaining in the world.

    Mineral Resources of Northern Ontario

  • Our mines have produced since their inception no less than $347,800,000, and we have a quarter of a million of square miles of unprospected mineral territory.

    Present Conditions in British Columbia

  • Since the greater part of it is unexplored, and the larger part totally unprospected, we cannot make very definite statements concerning it.

    The Mineral Resources of Canada

  • The greater part of Canada is unprospected and unexplored, but a sufficient development has taken place to enable us to state that Canada is a country of vast mineral possibilities.

    The Mineral Resources of Canada

  • We can say that we have in Canada one of the greatest tracts of unprospected mineral land in the world.

    The Mineral Resources of Canada

  • My unprospected field was entered literally without training.

    A slaveholder's daughter,

  • Verkhoyansk on the other, we enter a land of desolation, thousands of miles in extent, chiefly composed of tundra, as yet unprospected, it is true; but probably as unproductive, minerally and agriculturally, as an

    From Paris to New York by Land


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