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  • v. To remove protection from.


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un- +‎ protect


  • CHAOTICPIXEL First of all, I was very skeptical about this software (every other software I tried failed to "unprotect" songs correctly), but after trying the free demo, I was SOLD!

    MacUpdate - Mac OS X

  • To use statistic sites like Tweet Stats, I have to temporarily "unprotect" my updates, but I can immediately turn Protection back on so it's not a big drama.


  • It may have appeared to be fully protected since the MediaWiki software displays an "unprotect" tab rather than a "protect" tab on any page which is protected in any way, even if only against pagemoves.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • It's unbelievable that Floridians are poised to elect another Republican to the Senate in the person of Marco Rubio who will legislate to unprotect their IRA and Pension Funds so Wall Street supporters can help themselves to their hard earned dollars, and set the grounds for supporting another idiot like the one that was President from 2000 to 2008. usualone

    Source: Rubio campaign asked for Cheney's backing

  • I think this is right: MacHeist has distorted Twitter to suit its own ends and I fell right in to it for a piece of software I didn't need (I even had to unprotect my updates temporarily to take part).

    Is MacHeist's Tweetblast an example of how advertisers will destroy Twitter?

  • I found out later to from a friend of mine who knows a philly stripper named Porsha that he has unprotect sex with strippers and video hoes on a REGULAR BASES.

    Rumors Second Dose |

  • But we got bogged down in the how - how do I set up an account, how to I protect/unprotect my tweets, how do I use re-tweet, @ messages, via messages, direct messages, URL shorteners, etc.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • I dont agree with everything Gina says, however I do agree that black women have been left unprotect and are often abused by the very men who owe them everything, its time for black people to stop blaming others and take responsibility for their own actions.

    Where is the Rage? Speaking of Victims

  • Film studios have one month to unprotect DVDs (I assume it is not for DVD that you already own).

    Boing Boing: April 17, 2005 - April 23, 2005 Archives

  • To unprotect your secure USB drives, click Unprotect and enter correct password to access your data again.

    Softpedia - Windows - All


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