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  • adj. Not qualifiable.


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un- +‎ qualifiable


  • Ouattara, who is holed up inside a hotel under 24-hour U.N. protection, issued a statement calling the incident "barbarity on an unqualifiable scale."

    Video shows women gunned down in Ivory Coast

  • Mrs. Schoville ecstasized over it in terms so immeasurable, so unqualifiable, that Jacob Welse, standing near, bent a glittering gaze upon her plump white throat and unconsciously clutched and closed his hand on an invisible windpipe.

    CHAPTER 18

  • I also find it amusing that my own submission is so unqualifiable as to be labeled “creative writing” and left at that.

    The Hermit Gallery for Day Two. | Mind on Fire

  • To "deconstruct" philosophy, thus, would be to think-—in the most faithful, interior way—-the structured genealogy of philosophy's concepts, but at the same time to determine—-from a certain exterior that is unqualifiable or unnameable by philosophy—-what this history has been able to dissimulate or forbid, making itself into a history by means of this somewhere motivated repression.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • This blogger will be sued by William Lara, the unqualifiable minister of the popular power for information, a.k.a. propaganda ministry.

    The countdown to RCTV closing

  • He became more and more irritated against the Countess, utterly unwilling to concede that she had dared suspect him of such villainy, of an infamy so unqualifiable; and he resolved, when the time should come for him to answer her, that he would not soften the expression of his resentment.

    Strong as Death

  • And in my -- my book has one graph, and has a graph of the X-- I never remember which is the X axis and which is the Y axis -- but one axis is quantity of the unqualifiable and the other axis is quality of the unquantifiable.

    Eat the Rich

  • For years we have had to employ up to 300,000 men in arms to defend the country from unjustified, unqualifiable dangers from the powerful; we have had to resist the blockade.


  • Neither individuals, as the epoch of enlightenment envisaged, nor states, as in the system of the dynastic and national state absolutism, nor classes, as conceived by Marxism, are the ultimate realities of the political order, but the peoples, who stand over against one another with the unqualifiable right to a separate existence as natural entities, each with its own essential nature and form.

    Readings on Fascism and National Socialism Selected by members of the department of philosophy, University of Colorado

  • Bülow, imposed upon the City of Wavre a war levy of three million francs, to be paid before Sept. 1, as expiation for its unqualifiable behavior (contrary to the law of nations and the usages of war) in making a surprise attack on the German troops.

    The New York Times Current History, A Monthly Magazine The European War, March 1915


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