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  • adj. Not raped; not having been raped.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ raped


  • Sid needed to devise another plan to make it easy to distinguish the raped from the unraped.

    The Promise of an Outlaw

  • But I had my midlife crisis at 16, and I decided that if I ever made it back to the States alive (which I did, and miraculously unraped), I would exercise my right to the pursuit of happiness and follow my dream – which at the time I thought was acting but soon realized was writing.

    March 2007

  • The victim reported feeling satisfied immediately following the rape but felt unraped about an hour later.


  • No one of us believes that we will get out this life not only alive, but unraped, unbeaten, unused, unforced.

    Terror, Torture, and Resistance

  • Was I to have a large, raped girl for a date or a large, unraped girl? — for either way, I was sure, she would have to be huge.

    The Hotel New Hampshire

  • By the God, it was long since he had been on a planet unraped by civilization!

    Ensign Flandry

  • If "I" can be made to be unpregnant by killing you after being forcibly made pregnant with you in the first place, "I" will then be unraped and can pretend it never really happened.

    "Women Have Abortions Because They Care About Motherhood"--It's "Excellent Medicine"

  • A quick wiki search tells me that sex with a child below the age of 12 can be prosecuted without parental request, sooo, if the Brazilian police do their job, at least the best possible outcome for rapist is on the table, but no matter what, the little girl can't be unraped nor the fetus unaborted.


  • If, for instance, he’s freed b/c his fourth amendment rights were violated and he can’t be retryed, that doesn’t make his victim unraped.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » What Should Landlords Do If a Tenant Is Accused of a Violent Crime?

  • I’ve been told it’s easier to find and speak with rape victims, drug addicts and trafficked teens than unraped, healthy, stable adult sex workers.

    Treating Porn Like Every Other Media


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